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The file in the DiVX-AVI format requires DiVX drivers in order to be played. Please visit for more information. How smooth the video plays is determined by the speed and capacity of your hard drive, your processor speed, etc.

Opening Theme 1
6/24/92 through 1/30/93
Time: 1:01
Size: 7.89 MB
Format: MPEG

Opening Theme 2
3/6/93 through 4/17/93
Time: 1:01
Size: 7.84 MB
Format: MPEG

German Opening Theme
Summer 2000
[Remastered in Dolby Digital Surround Sound]
Special Thanks to Matze!
Time: 1:01
Size: 9.66 MB
Format: DiVX-AVI (Requires DiVX drivers)

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