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This forum does NOT require a User ID and password. To post a question for Jeffrey Meek to answer, simply click on the "NEW TOPIC" button. You can add "Posticons" to your questions if you desire, or use "Emoticons," some of which are animated, to kick the look of your posts up a notch. Simply click the "Use Emoticons" under the "Your Comment" section of a "NEW TOPIC" message box. Anyone can post a question for Jeffrey Meek to answer as long as you abide by the following Terms and Conditions:

Terms and Conditions

1. Each person is responsible for the content of his or her own posts. The webmaster nor Jeffrey Meek assume responsibility for the content of questions posted in this forum.

2. Jeffrey Meek is not obligated to answer any or all questions posted in this forum.

3. Please do not post questions or messages that are not addressed to Jeffrey Meek. Messages to the webmaster or personal messages will be deleted. If it is not a questions for Jeffrey Meek, please do not post it.

4. Abusive or suggestive language will not be tolerated in this forum.

5. Please realize that Jeffrey Meek is one man and a busy one at that. Try to keep your questions somewhat brief so that Jeffrey Meek has a chance to read each question.

"See how easy life can be?"

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