Meek, but Not Mild

In order to play a crime-fighting American martial arts master in CBS's Raven, Jeffrey Meek, a.k.a. Jonathon Raven, studied long and hard so he could undertake the strenuous fight scenes himself. His physical prowess comes as a surprise to some of the show's guest stars, who aren't always prepared for what's in store. "These guys like the idea that we do the show in Hawaii," says Meek. "They hop on a plane, happy for the free ticket, thinking it won't be a difficult gig. And then they end up at a chiropractor." Meek himself looks forward to another kind of therapy at the end of each day. "A massage," he says. "But I won't reveal from whom."

Meek: there's the rub.

This article is courtesy of TV Guide. 1993 TV Guide.

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