Black Dragons and the Pearl Harbor Decision

Violet Sweet Haven [1] wrote: The signal for war in the Pacific was given on August 26, 1941, at a session of the Black Dragon Society in Tokyo. At this meeting, War Minister Hideki Tojo ordered that preparation be made to wage a total war against the armed forces of the United States, and that Japanese guns be mounted and supplies and munitions concentrated in the Marshalls and Caroline groups of the mandated islands by November, 1941. Approving Tojo's war orders, former Foreign Minister Hirota [2], head of the Black Dragons, discussed the advantages and consequences of a conflict with the United States. Many of those at the meeting considered December, 1941, or February, 1942, the most suitable time for Japan to attack. "Tojo" they said, "will start the war with America, and after sixty days he will reshuffle the cabinet and become a great dictator." Both predictions came true, confirming the long standing deadly antagonism of uppercrust Japanese in the Black Dragon Society toward the United States. [3]

[1] Haven, Violet Sweet, Gentlemen of Japan: A Study in Rapist Diplomacy, Ziff-Davis, Chicago, 1944,
page 26.

[2] Richard Storry, writing in The Double Patriots: A Study in Japanese Nationalism does not show Hirota's membership in the Black Dragons. >link to list is under construction

[3] Ibid. page 289. Storry does not discuss a particular Imperial Conference in August, but mentions an Imperial Conference in August and September 1941, "...setting a time limit to the talks with America..."

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